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Sandra Gaskell, MS CCC-SLP, NAU, AZ
SLP.D Candidate Nova Southeastern University, FL
M.S, M.A., Anthropology Archaeology Environmental Planning

2601 Oakdale Road H2-117, Modesto, CA 95355
Clinic: 3117 B McHenry Avenue, Modesto CA 95350 




Qualifications Profile
Dedicated and client-focused Speech Therapist/ Environmental analysis with proven strengths in treatment and client care through family advocacy. Expert Speech-language therapy with multicultural phonology experience and training for administering speech language services, evaluations; implementing appropriate treatment; documenting provision of such care, utilizing support team and participating in special projects as designated.


  • Exceptional capacity to multi-task: manage numerous, often competing priorities with ease and administer superior client care and behavioral facilitation in articulation, behavioral diagnoses, and visually impaired/deaf and hard of hearing clients.
  • Administrative and referral experience including admissions, assessment, treatment, referral, and education for a wide range of clients.
  • Treatment plan management and applications with occipital/ auditory processing directives.
  • Demonstrated ability in healthcare and educational teams that provide top-quality client care with evidenced based practices.
  • Outstanding interpersonal and communication skills; superior accuracy in patient history, charting, and other documentation.





·         SLP-D Nova Southeastern –Fischer School of Education- 2009-12

·          MS - Northern Arizona University- Clinical Speech Pathology –2006-08

·          MS  - transfer- CSU Fresno–Speech Pathology 2004-05      

·          MS – CSU Stanislaus /Fresno Archaeology/Environmental Planning- 2004

·          MA – CSU Stanislaus Anthropology/ Geography -  2002

·          BA – Post-Baccalaureate CSU Fresno Comm. Disorder-2003-04                

·          BA -  CSU Stanislaus  Art/Printmaking/Art History – 1976

·          AA – Modesto Junior College Associates of Arts degree - 1974



  • Medical Speech Pathology Association member participant
  • Clinical and Educational treatment plans for special needs cases
  • CRC Clinical Rehabilitation Credential  #17842 CA
  • CTC Speech Services Credential 101091836
  • CSHA and ASHA membership
  • Arizona Speech Services Credential Active
  • SLPAB Speech Rehabilitation California
  • SLPA credential 2004 #396 State of California
  • Anthropologist - human remains (Registered Professional Archaeologist) 
  • Multicultural Training /Indian Health (MS and MA Anthropology)
  • CSHA Diversity Committee Member
  • Alternative and Integrative Medicine-Advanced certification
  • Substance Abuse Training/ Psychopharmacology Graduate Work
  • Counseling in Healing Center and work with Tribal Elders



Professional Experience


  • ASC Applied Speech Communication, Modesto CA
  • TheraCare Modesto, CA
  • Turlock Unified School District
  • Oakdale Joint Unified – Turlock Unified School District  


  • Merced County Office of Education


  • Merced City Schools – itinerant 


  • Clinic- CSU Fresno, NAU – various contract work


  • Language Literacy Program- Tribal / Southern Sierra Miwuk Nation / Dialects


  • Private Cornerstone School-Hickman Charter / Tuolumne County- Sonora


  Speech-Language Pathologist



  • Managed behavior using appropriately designed management techniques.
  • Transported students to/from testing or therapy area when required.
  • Conducted speech and language screenings utilizing screening protocols specified by the supervising speech-language pathologist.
  • Provided direct treatment assistance, excluding dysphasia (as opposed to feeding for nutritional purposes), to students identified by the supervising SLP, by following written treatment plans or protocols developed by the supervising SLP.
  • Documented student progress toward meeting established objectives as stated in the treatment plan and reported this information to the supervising SLP.
  • Assisted the SLP in collecting and tallying of data for assessment purposes.
  • Assisted the SLP with informal documentation during an intervention session (collecting and tallying data as directed by the SLP), prepared materials and assisted in other clerical duties as specified by the supervising SLP.
  • Scheduled activities and prepared charts, recorded graphs and other displays of data
  • Private Clinician TheraCare, Inc. - Pediatric and Adult treatment
  • LSV LOUD certification, voice treatment various, Fluency



Professional Licenses
ASHA Number, CA Speech Lic., Arizona Speech Lic.
RPA - Registered Professional Archaeologist #15296 - Sec. of Interior Standards

ELAC Committee Secretary- English Language Acquisition Committee- OJUSD
SSC School Site Council- TUSD- 2012-2014

NHPRC Grants Reviewer – NARA (National Archives) 2004-2006

Science Olympiad Coach-Asst. Event coordinator-Nor-Cal Finals 2008

WAI - Western Archives Institute Certificate in Tribal Archives

IDSA -  Industrial Design Society of American Professional Member

Sierra Institute Herbalist Certificate (Advanced Herbalist Certificate)
ESRI UC GIS Mapping Presenter 2005, 2009, 2010 International Indigenous Mapping


Projects & Awards


2004 Research Fellowship UWM University Milwaukee Wisconsin/John S. Best American Geographic Society Fellow

2004 Medical Speech Pathology Council of California logo in print/web (see Power Point portfolio)

2004 Distinction Award CSU Stanislaus- 3.9 GPA

2003- US Patented Safety Device 6,543,117 BI --April 8, 2003 (filed 2/1998) Automotive Industry

2002 Distinction Award CSU Stanislaus- 4.0 GPA


                      Papers and Research Interests



Dissertation in progress- Committee Selection and Topic 2009-2010- Concept paper 2012- Understanding the relationship between air quality, seasonal effects on the environment: A differentiation of the causes of vocal function disorders when compared to air quality data, and the relaitonship between the severity of symptoms of laryngeal disturbances involving the oropharynx.

Master of Science Communicative Disorders Proposal: Cross-cultural Generation Comparison within the Delineation of Dialectic Influences: Miwuk-English, Yokut-English, and Paiute-English. (Emphasis: through phonetic transcription/comparison across populations and age groups, using historic and current sound recordings, define the dialectic influences as they relate to the geography of religion and population movement with inferences in educational development of the current student population. This research is based upon village occupancy and stability of indigenous population base confirming federal acknowledgement continuity.)

Master of Science Interdisciplinary Studies: Applied Ethnobotany; Law, Health and Sacred Sites Resources. (Emphasis: Archaeological Sites with Roundhouses and the Agricultural Biology, Medicinal Plants and Demographics of Village Life in five known Class I villages. The hypothesis was to match the ancestral and current plant users of the villages) Fresno and Turlock CA

Master of Arts Interdisciplinary Studies: Interpretive Artistry: Landscape of Anthropological Myth - the Southern Sierra Miwuk Geography of Religion. (Emphasis: compiling roundhouse/Captain village location data for demographic and ethnobotanical gathering plan documentation. Federal Acknowledgement research for Tribal attorneys was compiled and the Geographic Information System design implementation. The results of this study influenced how government in the YNP consulted with local sovereign nations). Turlock, CA. 

Oral Myofunctional considerations of Injuries to the Head, Face, and Neck Among Domestic Violence Victims. Department of Communicative Disorders and Deaf Studies California State University, Fresno; CSD 210, Seminar in Orofacial Structural Anomalies, Dr. Wadsworth, Spring 2005.

Pharmacotherapy for Dissociative Disorders Common to Culture Bound Syndrome (CBS), Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD), and Reactive Attachment Disorder (RAD). A paper presented to Dr. Strongin Department of Psychology for Psychopharmacology, Turlock, CA, Unpublished manuscript.